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Official Contest Rules for the “Bethpage® Best of LI” Competition.


Welcome to the “Bethpage Best of LI” 2014, our 9th Annual Business and Professionals Awards Contest. Your participation in this high-profile contest is appreciated. It is your nominations and your votes that allow us to name the very BEST that Long Island has to offer. This year, many more new categories have been added. Below are the rules and regulations of the “Bethpage Best of LI” 2014 campaign

The “Bethpage Best of LI” (“The Contest”) is owned and operated by Morey Publishing, LLC (“Management”) and run in conjunction with the naming rights sponsor of The Contest, Bethpage Federal Credit Union (“Partner”.) The following rules are written, authorized and governed by Management. The official nomination period for The Contest begins July 1, 2013 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on August 31, 2013. Any person with Internet access is eligible to nominate one or more businesses and professionals without limitation. Businesses or individuals may be nominated in multiple categories where applicable. Management reserves the right to make final decisions regarding eligibility and appropriateness of the nomination and will honor the request of any nominee who wishes to be removed from the contest. Requests for removal should be sent directly to and must include the business name, category or categories the business was nominated, and contact name and phone number for verification of the request. All requests will be granted, at any time during the program, but nominees are ineligible to return to the ballot once the request has been granted. 

At the conclusion of the nomination period and once eligibility requirements have been met, the top fifteen (15) nominees will be selected to appear on the official “Bethpage Best of LI” ballot, though up to eighteen (18) may appear in the event of one or more ties. Only the Best Restaurant category will include up to twenty (20) nominees. The ballot is hosted and run by UPickem, a third-party online balloting and auditing service. Management has the ability to submit informational changes to the ballot and to request the removal of nominees at any time during the voting period but is unable to add nominees or categories. 

The official Voting Period begins October 1, 2013 and ends December 15, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. 

•No more than ten percent of total votes per category from the same IP address will be counted in the final audit. Any votes above and beyond will be discarded during the final vote tally. 
•Any individual or organization found employing third-party resources, whether domestic or abroad, for the purpose of generating fraudulent votes, either automatically or manually, will be immediately disqualified.

•No more than ten percent of total votes per category from an AOL IP address will be counted in the final audit. Any votes above and beyond will be discarded during the final vote tally.

On December 16, 2013 the votes will be tabulated and audited by the third-party contest platform provider and submitted to Management and the Contest Partner for review. Management and the Partner will verify the final results, and notify any businesses or individual of disqualification, no later than January 2nd, 2014. Contest winners will be notified of their win no later than the 9th of January, 2014.

The three top local businesses or individuals with the most verified votes will be published in order of the verified votes received. “Local” is defined as an entity or individual living or doing business on Long Island including locally owned and operated franchises. The top vote-getting national business in a particular category will be listed separately. Each of the top three winners in a particular category are considered “Bethpage Best of LI” Winners; however, only the business or individual with the greatest number of verified votes will be entitled to utilize the official “First Place Coin” in marketing materials and promotional items related to the Contest. In the Bethpage Best of LI editions of the Long Island Press, winners of the Contest will be listed in the following way: First Place winners in each category will be listed first with their name, address, telephone number and web address where it applies along with an editorial write up. Second and Third winners will be listed in order with only their contact information and no editorial. The National Winner will be listed separately signifying that they are the First Place National winner in that category. 

At no time during the voting period is Management responsible for Internet crashes or slowdowns caused by network congestion, viruses, sabotage, satellite failures, phone line failures, electrical outages, natural disasters or acts of man or God. 

Copying or unauthorized use of the “Bethpage Best of LI” logo or any other intellectual property related to the Contest without the express written consent of Management is strictly prohibited. 

Each winner, by accepting the “Bethpage Best of LI” nomination and/or official winning designation at the conclusion of the Contest, agrees to release Management and the Partner and all of its directors, officers, employees, agents, shareholders and affiliates as well as all sponsors and related advertising agencies of the Contest from all liability, claims, or actions of any kind whatsoever for injuries, damages, or losses to persons and property which may be sustained in connection with the Contest. Contest nominees and winners further grant Management the right to use and publish their proper name, business address and contact information, in print and online and any other media.

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